So many things to say about being in Prague. For one thing, I’m delighted at the amount of international travel I’ve been able to do this year. Between the honeymoon last year, this trip, and a potential trip to London in August (should one of my sessions at Drupalcon be selected, various appendages crossed), I’m feeling positively European.

New things:

  1. We discovered that, in Prague, there seems to be such a thing as a Tourist Dungeon. At least, that’s what we’re calling it. The first night here (after we fell asleep for several hours due to OMGJETLAGWTF) we went to a brew pub called Pivovarsky Düm. Excellent beer, okay food, but the service – well, let’s just say that once the host realized we were tourists, we were very politely pointed to the basement, where we were delivered English menus. This, after being told off by a waitress and the bartender for asking if we could grab a beer while we waited for a table. Fortunately, this hasn’t been my experience with every place we’ve been, but it was still uncomfortable for our first time in the city.
  2. Why did we stay, you might be thinking? BEER. Delightful, unfiltered, wonderful beer. The fruit beers were not really my thing, but I will say that they were the best of the genre I’ve tried. My favorites were Coffee beer (OH MY GOD GOOD), and Nettle beer – which was green, with a very herbal thing going on. If they had it in the US I’d buy it by the case. It’s a much better St. Patty’s Day alternative than the Budweiser with green food coloring we serve in bars around Boston. Nick tried a Wheat beer that, speaking as a Harpoon UFO fan, absolutely blew UFO out of the water. It was fresh, lemony, and the best of the bunch that we sampled.
  3. Speaking of Budweiser, apparently it’s also the name of a Czech beer that’s entirely different from Budweiser, but has exactly the same logo. Our hotel, in fact, serves it.
  4. I have decided that there are entirely too few sandwiches that involve sliced hardboiled egg. Part of this was decided based on Clover’s Eggplant and Egg sandwich (one of my favorite things). But in the Amsterdam airport, I was delighted by a sliced egg and bacon sandwich, and there’s a deli near our hotel that serves slices of bread with sliced egg, a bit of cucumber, tomato or pepper, a slice of ham and pickle. It is the most wonderful thing ever. I have a feeling I just found my new summer staple meal.
  5. I’ve also learned, thanks to a Drupal buddy of mine, who introduced me to a local Drupal designer, that there’s a Coworking space less than a mile from my hotel! I plan on heading over there on Wednesday to work for the day, and I’ll be heading to a Drupal meetup that evening – which will likely be all in Czech. I’m fascinated to see how that works out for me (I know very little Czech).
  6. Most things here are surprisingly cheap. The best, though, was massage – through the hotel, I got an hour-long, and desperately needed, massage for about $60 American, which included tip. I can’t tell you how much I needed that – I can, however, say definitively that it will be happening again on Thursday.

And, just a touch of snark:

  1. I didn’t realize until I came to Prague exactly how much Rhianna or Celine Dion I could listen to in a sitting. Thanks to the hotel, and the local coffee shop, I’ve learned that the answer is “quite a bit.” I’d like to unlearn that.

I’m trying to view Prague as both a bit of a much-needed vacation and a writing expedition. The first draft of the project management guide for The Designer’s Guide to Drupal is due on June 1st, and I’m much further along in writing than I am willing to believe I am. It’s interesting, once you start getting things down on paper, both how much you actually know and how little you *think* you know. No matter how much material you have, it never quite feels like enough. Fortunately, things are going along pretty well, and this trip offers a good opportunity not only to get out of my normal way-too-busy schedule, and organize the vast amounts of research I’ve been collecting into something cohesive for the publisher.

What’s been delighting you lately?

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