How to Lose LinkedIn Connections

One of the things that has fascinated me about social media lately is the mirror that it holds up to our behavior in specific situations. Each site has its own purpose, its own sense of etiquette.

While I use Facebook a bit for my business (and have been getting quite a few requests for work from it, actually), it’s really become more of a personal outlet for me to share links, bits of fun, etc. with my friends and family. Twitter is for quick thoughts, status updates, and link sharing with my personal and professional network, and for getting answers when I’m stuck on a blog post, or a sticky Drupal/Wordpress problem.

LinkedIn is strictly professional. As I start moving towards the next stage of my career, I’ve started looking at it more, seeing if there are folks in my network who might know the people I want to meet at different agencies and studios. But there’s an etiquette to making the request. If I haven’t talked to someone in a while, I’ll start the conversation by asking how the person is doing, and engaging with them a bit before telling them what I’m up to and asking for the connection.

A couple of days ago, I got a LinkedIn message from a connection I hadn’t talked to in over a year – who Linked with me after the first time I met him and started sending me pitches for his coaching services almost immediately after we connected. After I unsubscribed from his newsletter, I had forgotten about the LinkedIn connection, until I received this message (paraphrased):

“Who do you know who works with a company that hires coaches? Thanks for any connections you can make.”

That was it. No “hey Dani, how have you been? I know it’s been a while.” I don’t even know if it was sent specifically to me, or was blasted to all of his connections. My response? I went into LinkedIn and removed him from my connections. And then I wrote this article.

The lesson here is simple: being online makes it easier to network, but it doesn’t change the basic rules of etiquette. If you want something from someone else, you have to show an interest in them first. You wouldn’t ask someone you just met at a cocktail party to give you a job, so why would you do the same to someone that you barely speak to online?

An open letter to Yes! Magazine

I’m not one that normally subscribes to a ton of magazines. A few that are important to me I keep around; HOW, Pink and Yoga Journal are subscriptions I’ve maintained for years, and I refer to them again and again. Yes! Magazine I subscribed to for a year, mainly out of support for its message of personal responsibility, sustainability and social change. However, when I decided to let the subscription lapse (I just wasn’t reading it), I started receiving direct mail from them every other week for the last three months. Finally, I sent them this letter today, after receiving my fifth “final notice” from them.

Dear [Subscription Manager],

Thank you for your passionate interest in my continued subscription to your magazine. However, I feel that I should inform you that today’s direct mail solicitation is, in fact, the fourth or fifth one that I’ve received from your magazine since my decision to let the subscription lapse. This is in addition to at least three e-mail solicitations. As a magazine that purports to be pro-sustainability and positive social change, how do you justify the incredible amount of paper and digital waste involved in trying to re-secure my business? Is this something unique to me, or do you do this to all readers who decide to let their subscriptions lapse?

Again, thank you for your interest, but I have decided that Yes! Magazine is not right for me. Have a wonderful week, and best wishes to you.


Dani Nordin, principal

the zen kitchen

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First Impressions: You’re Doing it Wrong


Last week, I spent Thursday through Saturday walking the floor at Expo East, one of the nation’s largest expos for natural and organic products. Given the fact that the primary market of my design studio, the zen kitchen is specialty food and green businesses, I went there hoping (quite rightly, I might add) to meet some new prospects, find some new products to spread the news about, and generally have a great time.

Overall, it was a great time – I got to meet representatives from brands that I already adore as well as try out some new brands, I got a ton of free samples, and had great conversations with most of the folks I met. Except for one person.

On Saturday afternoon, just beginning my networking experience, I came across the booth of a company that makes sustainable body care. I checked it out, introduced myself, and asked a bit about the products. The owner of the company promptly launched into a heavy sales pitch, trying out the different oils on me and telling me about all their great properties. I was intrigued, and ended up buying a small bottle of oil from her. But before I could finish up the conversation, another couple showed up and struck up a conversation with the owner. This couple had apparently spent many years working with one of her major competitors, and now owned a consultancy that helped smaller manufacturers compete with the “big boys.”

Sounds like a great fit, right?

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