Research, Eating Behavior, and Media Stupidity

Several weeks ago, the Harvard School of Public Health came out with a study that suggested the more red meat you eat, the more likely you are to die younger. The anti-CAFO lobby has, OF COURSE, jumped on this, claiming that there’s no control for CAFO vs. Grass-Fed meat, therefore the study must be bullshit. Even BETTER, they claim that the only real way to find out if red meat is actually bad for you is to do an experiment.

Because you can totally assign a random group of people to eat meat for twenty years and see who dies. No ethical problem there, right?

Because there totally was such a thing as grass-fed meat, that people knew and cared about, 20 years ago, that they could control for in 20 years of data.

Because this study is obviously trying to turn people vegan.

While I am fully in support of pastured beef, and meat from happy animals, these arguments irritate the hell out of me for some very specific reasons. Mostly, I’m irritated because these arguments have NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ACTUAL RESEARCH THAT WAS DONE.

First of all, the study looked over the course of 20 years, not a few months, and they found specifically that each INCREASE in red meat consumption, particularly process meats, led to an increase in mortality. For example, they found that people who ate a LOT of red meat or processed meat—think 5 or more meals a week—were also more likely to be smokers, have a high BMI, etc. The researchers even go on to suggest that people cut down on their consumption of these foods—note, NOT eliminate them, NOT become vegetarian—but CUT DOWN ON THE DAILY CONSUMPTION OF STEAK AND BACON—in order to reduce their risk of chronic disease.

In other words, they found that people who eat mostly red meat and processed meats aren’t particularly healthy. That’s a “duh” moment if ever I heard one.

But somehow, this has turned into, for some people, a manifesto against all meat, and for some people who eat grass-fed beef, rather than simply showing the abundant evidence that it’s better for you—IN MODERATE AMOUNTS—than feedlot beef, have to jump on the defensive, and attempt to debunk some very interesting findings.

Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve spent the last several months deeply absorbed in eating behavior research (and may, in fact, spend several more years studying it), but that kind of nonsense gets me really irritated. Primarily because the media loves to turn scientific research into definitive cause-effect relationships (The LA Times reported something like “All Red Meat can Kill You” as their headline for this article), when the research itself is rarely close to definitive, and always notes an ASSOCIATION, NOT A DIRECT EFFECT.

So, to recap: yes, eating pastured beef is better for you than eating beef that comes from Cattle Death Pens. However, that doesn’t mean that living exclusively on steak, meatballs and bacon will EVER BE GOOD FOR YOU. That’s not an argument against all meat; it’s an argument for intelligent and balanced food consumption. If you’re going to make an argument, make *that* one.

#Reverb10 Day 26: Soul Food

Note: This is the twenty-sixth in a month-long exercise called Reverb10, where bloggers reflect on the year before and think towards the year ahead. The idea is to post daily, based on the day’s prompts; let’s see how well I do.

Prompt: Soul food. What did you eat this year that you will never forget? What went into your mouth & touched your soul?

On some level, food always touches my soul – as well it should. Whether we eat for pleasure or eat for fuel, what we eat is an important part of who we are and how we exist in the world.

In years of dealing with weight issues and depression (interesting to admit both of these things in such a public forum), I’ve spent decades observing my relationship with food. When the depression and stress gets worse, I eat worse – cookies, cake, lots of meat and fatty food. When I’m not eating those things, I don’t feel as depressed. There’s no instant prescription for it; it’s something that I have to manage day to day.

What I can say is that the typical prescriptions – “lean protein, whole grains, fresh veggies” – are actually far too simple and limiting to really work. For one thing, those prescriptions often leave out things like bread and pasta – and life without those things just isn’t happening. For me, it’s more about finding balance. Do I eat chocolate, bread and potatoes? Hell yes. Do I eat lots of fresh veggies, and brown rice and things? Hell yes. It’s about figuring out what works today, and making sure that I’m not falling into bad habits – like eating an entire batch of Christmas cookies in one sitting.

There’s no such thing as “bad” food.

This morning while I was in line for my morning iced coffee, I watched a woman in front of me, who had obviously come in from a strenuous bike ride, order a Snickers latte. All the while, she kept asking the waitress “it’s not full of calories, is it?” and, after finally settling on getting the latte, she repeated “I’m being bad, I’m being so bad” in a nervous giggle to her friend for about 30 seconds. Despite the fact that she was not visibly overweight in any way, and was in the middle of getting exercise, this woman was obsessed with the idea that she was somehow being naughty by ordering a latte.

I don’t even know how to start here, except to say that this frustrates me. When did it become okay in our culture to make food the enemy?

Why do we, especially women, waste so much of our time and energy worrying about what people will think of us if we have a bit of dessert now and again?

I can’t say that I don’t have my own struggles with food. I’ve always been an emotional eater, and I can certainly point to my own experience as a prime example of what happens when you spend your life obsessing about what goes into your body. In middle school, I skipped lunch, convinced that eating in front of my classmates would only reinforce their opinion of me as a fat slob – only to gorge on everything I could find once I got home. In high school, after I tired of worrying about what my classmates thought of me, I lost 65 pounds in a summer when I discovered, through my gym class, how fun exercise actually was. It didn’t hurt that I became a vegetarian that summer.

During 20+ years of dealing with consistent weight issues, and finally reaching a comfort level with the body that I have (which settles quite nicely at somewhere between a size 12 and 14 most of the time), I’ve realized a few very important things about food:

  1. If you don’t love it, don’t swallow. This one piece of “advice” comes from the evil food critic in Ratatouille, and it’s the most concise way I know of describing how I prefer to interact with food.
  2. If you stop and think about eating a slice of pizza, or cake, or drinking a can of soda – or you notice the way you feel after consuming them – you’ll eventually realize that you don’t love them nearly as much as you think you do. Eating sugar in the middle of the day almost invariably makes me fall asleep, and I get sick from eating pizza. Soda gives me a headache. So, as much as I used to think I enjoyed them – and while I still do occasionally – I rarely eat them.
  3. There is no such thing as “being bad” – and the more of you think about eating something you enjoy as “being bad,” the more likely you are to gain back all the weight you lose “being good.” Take it from someone who’s lost and gained and lost again 50+ pounds at a time 3 times over the last two decades – the more you judge yourself, the more likely you are to backslide.

My new approach, which I’ve been working on over the last couple of years, is to eat what I want to eat when I’m hungry, and to stop when I’m not hungry anymore. It doesn’t always work – there are still a few times a month when I’m particularly stressed and let my blood sugar go out of whack, and that often leads me to gravitate towards the so-called “bad” foods. But I don’t judge myself anymore for it – and as a result, despite an injury that has kept me from keeping up any exercise program other than walking for almost a year now, my weight’s been stable for two years. I’d call that a victory.

The new food fighters: the fight for “Real Food” in school lunches

Yet with health foodies storming the White House, the school lunch revolution may have reached its tipping point. Even amid the federal budget crisis, President Barack Obama allocated an extra $1 billion for child nutrition programs including school food in 2010. Last March, First Lady Michelle Obama started the first “organic”garden on the White House grounds (which, as it turns out, can’t actually be certified as organic because a sludge-based fertilizer was used during a previous administration) — a symbolic move Waters had been championing for years. At a harvest celebration in June, the first lady delivered a food policy speech that addressed the need to improve school lunches. Before becoming the White House chef, Sam Kass denounced the artificially flavored and colored, high-meat, and low-vegetable meals the National School Lunch Program produces. Finally, the new secretary of education, Arne Duncan, may also lend a sympathetic ear to the food warriors. Recently during his “listening tour” on education reform, he chose to take his lunch break at Barnes Elementary School in Burlington, Vt., where a successful Farm to School program delivers fresh produce directly from small, local farmers.

Just came across this great post on about the move towards healthier school lunch programs. While the post asks “Should the Department of Education be as focused on salad bars as teacher salaries? Are legumes as essential as literacy?” my thought is that the two can’t be thought of as separate things.

The fact is that the types of foods typically served in the lunchroom – pizza, tater tots, etc. – are not only making our kids obese and sick, they also affect cognitive function. You could easily point to studies on this, but I’d suggest also thinking about the last time you had a slice of pizza or a fast-food chicken sandwich. How did you feel afterwards? And how did you feel after eating something that was delicious but also fresh and good for you?

Yes, teacher salaries are important, as is literacy. But the best teachers in the world can’t make the difference they need to if their students are tired and lethargic from a school lunch that doesn’t actually nourish them.

What do you think?

The First Certified-Organic Bar opens in New York City

According to a recent post in the Agriculture Information online community, the nation’s first certified-organic bar has just opened in New York City’s Greenwich Village:

The bar, GustOrganic, is located inside the popular New York City organic restaurant of the same name.

Now with both a certified organic restaurant and bar in the same building, dedicated organic food eaters and beverage drinkers won’t have to step outside of their organic lifestyles at GustOrganic in order to have a before, during and after dinner cocktail with their 100% organic meals.

While this is certainly a great step for the organic movement, it’ll be interesting to see whether this starts a trend in restaurants and bars seeking organic certification. While consumers have certainly become aware of organics in relationship to the food and beverages they consume, alcoholic beverages are still a relative newcomer to the organic market - and beer and liquor are a space that tends to be wrapped up in brand loyalty. Will consumers who love their Bacardi or Tangueray be willing to make the switch to an organic brand? Will the Bacardis and Tanguerays of the world start working towards organic versions of their brands? We’ll see.

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